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 PolicySpark has developed the crucial missing tool set to unify evidence-based modeling, stakeholder voice and scientific thinking into a single analytical platform specifically designed to find out “what matters” and “what works.”


Policy & Program Design, Assessment, & Experimentation

  • Intelligent design of evidence-informed program, policy, regulatory, statutory, and management interventions using human-centered artificial intelligence (AI);

  • Systematic and efficient design of performance measurement and evaluation strategies;

  • Accessible experimentation and application of the scientific method to understanding how interventions work.


Stakeholder Consultation & Collaboration

  • Intuitive, visual tools to engage a wide range of knowledge holders (including partners, stakeholders and rightsholders);

  • Design of effective co-management systems for issues which involve multiple stakeholders/rightsholders, jurisdictions, or responsible authorities.


Strategic Management Support

  • Smarter ways to do more with less and navigate imminent fiscal restraint without eroding the quality of programs;

  • The means to demonstrate greater accountability in spending and delivery;

  • Trust, buy-in and communication with partners, stakeholders/rightsholders;

  • Greater responsiveness to the increasing demand for evidence-informed decision-making;

  • More effective and efficient policies and programs in ways that are rapid, visual, and easy to understand.

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